Make sure your brand is clear and visible in the great outdoors with flag or banner designs courtesy of Wisdom Design. And they are not limited to Essex locations of course - take your message out on the road with a national banner campaign. We can also hook you up with the latest signage products too, so you can cause quite a stir.

WPTE Flags and Banners
Essex Flags and Banners
We designed this heavily branded forecourt with PVC banners, Perspex wall signs and display flags creating a very prominent branded environment.
Woolpack Banner
Outdoor Banner
Cost effective banner designs are a very immediate way of communicating an event or offer as this PVC eyeletted banner for a local Essex pub - restaurant shows.
Haringey Banners
Haringey Banners
This design for Haringey Council shows our outdoor PVC eyeletted banner design as part of a public awareness campaign promoting a sense of community pride.